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Alex encourages organisations to keep people posted

Consumers should have the ability to choose how they receive bills and statements, and should not be penalised if they prefer to receive this information on paper, according to Stockton North’s Labour MP.

While research indicates that 81% of adults want to choose how they receive important information, such as bank statements and utility bills, businesses are increasingly restricting access to paper bills and denying their customers an informed choice.

Alex Cunningham has voiced his support for the Keep Me Posted campaign by signing EDM 554, calling for greater consumer choice and enhanced protection for vulnerable consumers by insisting that organisations recognise a consumer’s right to choose how institutions such as banks, energy and telecoms companies send customers their bills and statements.

Alex said:

“It is right that consumers are given a free choice in how they receive bills, statements, and other information from organisations and service providers.  It is also right that, if individuals prefer to receive this information on paper, they are not subjected to any form of penalty.

“It is important to recognise that many consumers do not have access to the internet, and many of those that do have access lack the skills required to receive this information in a digital format.  If consumers are not afforded such a choice, we are unfairly disadvantaging them by not offering this basic choice.

“I hope that companies and businesses across the country will support the principles of the Keep Me Posted campaign, ensuring that consumer choice is upheld and that vulnerable customers are protected by continuing to offer the right to choose to receive hard copies of information free of charge.”

Judith Donovan CBE, chair of the Keep Me Posted campaign, said:

“Since the launch of the Keep Me Posted campaign, businesses and consumers have contacted us in their thousands to show their support, and this issue is only going to get more important as customers demand communications choice.  We thank Alex for his support in bringing our campaign to the political forefront on behalf of Stockton North, and urge other politicians and indeed, regulators to look at how consumers are communicated to as a matter of priority.”