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Alex promotes a brighter future by turning off the lights

Alex & WWF Earth Hour

By adopting small changes to our daily routines and choices, we can all make our lives more sustainable and help to protect the planet.  And Alex Cunningham is advocating such steps, encouraging people across the Stockton borough to play their part in building a sustainable future for both people and the planet.

Stockton North’s MP has pledged to protect the planet by giving his support to Earth Hour.  Each year, Earth Hour sees millions of people around the world coming together to switch off their lights for one hour in a symbolic act of support to show they care about our planet, and Alex joined WWF in Westminster ahead of the global event at 20:30 on Saturday, 29 March 2014.

If everyone in the world lived as we do in the UK, three planets would be needed to support us.  However, making small adjustments to our daily lifestyles can make our daily lives more sustainable.

Last year, Earth Hour bought together over 10 million people in the UK, and 154 countries took part. Iconic landmarks such as Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower and the Sydney Opera House all switched off and hundreds of local communities, schools and businesses took part.

Alex said:

“Our natural world is precious to all life that inhabits it, and we need to do more to protect it.  Earth Hour reminds us that there are simple things we can all do for the planet, not for just one hour, but every day.

WWF already work to tackle a lot of environmental challenges, including deforestation, threats to endangered species and the impacts of climate change.  But Earth Hour is a brilliant opportunity to bring together millions of people from across the world with one united goal – to help protect our planet.

“I really hope that people across Stockton borough will join me in celebrating our planet on 29 March not only by switching off their lights, but also by pledging to make some of those small changes to their lives that can have much wider positive impacts and will help to create a brighter future.”