Alex comments on City Deal

Commenting on the signing of the Tees Valley City Deal today, Alex Cunningham, Labour MP for Stockton North, said:

“I know how hard our local authorities and Tees Valley Unlimited have worked to develop this City Deal and anything that may help realise the visionary projects within it is welcomed.

“The absence of any guaranteed funding from the Government is, however, a real concern and I only hope this isn’t yet another paper exercise which will fail to deliver the investment and jobs that we really need to help tackle rising unemployment in the North East.

“I am sure that business, MPs, councillors and the trades unions will monitor the Deal’s progress over the coming months in the hope that it will be a success for our area.”

Alex added:  “I was sorry to miss the signing ceremony today.  Despite the date being fixed a month ago, Labour MPs did not receive the invitation from the Minister’s office until Wednesday last week and my Westminster commitments could not be changed.”