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Alex welcomes long overdue regulations to ban smoking in cars

Speaking after the Government announcement outlining the regulations to ban smoking in private vehicles when children are present, Alex said:

“I am delighted that the Government has finally indicated that they will stop dragging their feet by publishing draft regulations that will see it become illegal to smoke in private vehicles carrying children.

“The evidence clearly shows that preventing smoking in the confines of a car can avert damage to the health of our young people, and we are now a crucial step closer to giving the authorities the necessary powers to protect against this preventable harm while also educating about its dangers.

“It is just over three years since I introduced a Private Member’s Bill into Parliament to secure such a change and, with the short consultation only running until 27 August 2014, I am optimistic that a commencement date of 06 April 2015 can be secured in advance of the upcoming General Election.

“A lot of hard work has gone into getting this far, and many people from across the political spectrum have shown their support.  This will all be worthwhile to see measures introduced that help to protect those who can’t protect themselves.”