Alex reiterates challenge to local UKIP candidate

The UK Independence Party’s candidate for Stockton North has been challenged to condemn or condone the partnership her party has with the extremist Polish Congress of the New Right Party in the European Parliament.

Alex Cunningham, Member of Parliament for Stockton North, wrote to UKIP candidate, Mandy Boylett, to clarify whether she supported her party’s new alliance with a party led by a man who has questioned the Holocaust, and with an MEP who has himself expressed distasteful views in relation to women.

In response to the letter, the UKIP candidate publicised a press release misrepresenting the questions asked by the Labour MP and making accusations of a “borderline blackmail smear attempt” and efforts to “deliberately twist reality”.

Alex said:

“UKIP formed an alliance in Europe with an MEP from a Polish far-right party.  The leader of that Party has extreme and offensive views, and it is incumbent on all UKIP members to say whether or not they endorse, share or condemn opinions that were deemed too extreme even for the National Front in France.

“It is disappointing that Ms Boylett has failed to answer my letter properly.  Like her leader, she seems content for UKIP to cosy-up to people with despicable views in order to receive European funding.

“But rather than issue a condemnation of her party’s actions, Ms Boylett has chosen to woefully misrepresent my letter – which I have therefore published today to set the record straight.

“As I have made clear, the leader of the Polish Congress of the New Right Party denies the fact that millions were murdered in the Holocaust.  By forming an alliance in Europe with members of this party, UKIP is once again showing that they do not share the values of decent working people in Stockton.

“I accuse Ms Boylett of nothing, but the people of Stockton deserve to hear whether she will condemn her party’s alliance with the people who express such extreme views.  UKIP candidates and members frequently speak of wanting greater accountability in politics, but they too must abide by these same standards.  I trust that Ms Boylett will state her position on this matter clearly and without further delay.”