Alex pledges support for improving care for terminally ill

  • Alex Cunningham has pledged to champion the concerns of local people with a terminal illness by lending his support to Marie Curie’s campaign calling for the right for everyone to have palliative care when they need it.

    The Stockton North MP teamed up with Marie Curie nurse Sally Monger-Godfrey and renowned impressionist Jon Culshaw to back the campaign from the UK’s leading charity for people living with any terminal illness and their families.

    Marie Curie; Palliative Care, Houses of Parliament; Portcullis House, Westminster; 17th November 2015. © Pete Jones

    Currently, one in four people each year who need palliative care miss out because their needs are not recognised and they are not referred on to the right services. To prevent this figure from increasing, Marie Curie is calling for a change in the way care is provided.

    The campaign comes as Marie Curie revealed that more than half of the 26 million people over the age of 50 in the UK are not confident that they will get the care they need towards the end of their life.

    Alex said:

    “It is distressing that so many people are missing out on the care they are entitled to in their hour of need. And that more than half of over-50s worry they will find themselves in a similar situation only makes matters worse.

    “That is why I am supporting Marie Curie’s campaign, and will continue to do all that I can to help ensure that those with a terminal illness know what services and benefits they are entitled to, alongside working with local NHS services to improve access to high-quality palliative care for those who need it.”

    Jon Culshaw, a valued supporter of Marie Curie, said: “Like most of us, I believe that everyone should have the right to palliative care when they need it. That’s why I’m supporting Marie Curie’s campaign to make this a reality.”

    Scott Sinclair, Head of Policy & Public Affairs for England at Marie Curie, said: “We are incredibly grateful to Alex for supporting Marie Curie’s campaign. More needs to be done to ensure that people with a terminal illness get access to the high-quality care and support they need and deserve.

    “Making this a reality also requires support at a national level. The Government can play its part by investing in palliative and end of life care services to help transform the way care is provided locally to people with a terminal illness now and in the future.”

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