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Alex calls for Heathrow connections to the North

Alex Cunningham MP has called for Heathrow Airport to make it clear how they will deliver connectivity with the rest of the country, as today the government have announced their decision to approve the building of a third runway at Heathrow Airport, an issue the government has been dithering over since Labour called for the independent commission in 2011.

Prior to the final report being published, Labour called for four areas to be taken into consideration when making the decision, including the benefits of expansion not being limited to the South, but instead spread across the regions in order to contribute to growth and success of communities outside of London.

The Labour MP for Stockton North, Alex Cunningham, is one of many MPs representing constituencies in the north who are calling for Heathrow to commit to connectivity with other parts of the country.

Alex said:

“Now that this decision has been taken, the people behind the Heathrow bid need to make good their commitment to the Regions across our country – and ensure that our airports, including those like Durham Tees Valley which lost its connection to London many years ago, are very much part of the plan and delivery.

“Every year since I have been elected to Parliament there have been major infrastructure projects announced and some delivered with the major benefits being derived by people, businesses and industry in the South and South East with the north of the country left detached.  Heathrow must make clear how it will deliver the connectivity they say they can with the new runway so that all parts of the country derive benefits from this multi-billion pound investment.”