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Vote for Stockton today!

Commenting on the success of Stockton High Street in reaching the final of the GB High Street Awards Rising Star category, Alex Cunningham whose Stockton North constituency includes the town centre said:

“Many congratulations to Stockton Borough Council.  I have always seen our high Street very much as a developing place for now and the future and it is a great accolade to everyone involved even to reach the final of these awards.

“Their hard work redeveloping the town centre, working in partnership with businesses, developers, arts organisations and the wider community is an example to towns and cities across the country and it is paying off.

“Every time I walk through our high Street I see new things happening, people enjoying being there and new unique businesses developing.

“I hope everyone in Stockton and throughout the North East will recognise that the high Street has come a long way and will vote for area.  They can do so on-line at: