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Alex joins campaign calling for government to support Tidal Lagoons

Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham is one of 107 MPs have signed a letter to the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Secretary of State Greg Clark, urging the government to respond positively to the recommendation of the Hendry Review on Tidal Lagoons, and in particular the call for a pathfinder Tidal Lagoon, as soon as possible.

He did so as such projects could drive thousands of jobs across the country in areas like Teesside where there are the construction skills to build the infrastructure needed.

The first of these would be the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon, which would consist of a 9km sea wall and an array of 16 dual-directional turbines, designed to harness the energy of the tide. The rising and falling of the tide will enable to lagoon to fill and empty, and generate electricity through the moving turbines. This is estimated to provide electricity to 150,000 homes.  The report was presented to the Secretary of State before Christmas, but has since been made publicly available.

The report concluded that tidal lagoons could make a strong contribution to UK energy security, and that they would create a lifeline to UK companies including some in the steel industry.  The five major plants around the country are expected to provide about a tenth of the UK’s electricity needs and help meet carbon targets.

Upon signing the letter, Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham said:

“I’m happy to have added my name to the letter because this campaign is important for local Teesside firms, as it will determine whether future larger lagoons across the country can be justified.

“I welcome the report by Charles Hendry who has become an enthusiast on this matter. It is now time that the government stepped up and accepted the recommendations from the review.”

The full Hendry review can be read by clicking here.