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Alex supports the Careers Guidance Bill

Good quality careers advice motivates young people to achieve their potential and ensures they are equipped to thrive in the career field of their choice, says Alex Cunningham MP.

Nic Dakin MP secured a Ten Minute Rule Bill on improving careers guidance in schools, which had its initial reading on Tuesday 28th February.

The Careers Guidance Bill would require schools in England to provide access to their premises to pupils and representatives from post-16 education institutions to provide careers advice options available to them, from apprenticeships and technical education to academic courses.

Good quality careers advice provides information for students about their prospective choices, motivates them to achieve their potential and ensures they have the right skills, qualifications, and experience to thrive in the job market of their choice, which is critical now more than ever.

However, too often, colleges and other training providers struggle to gain access to schools to deliver this advice, leaving prospective students without the necessary information they need to make an informed decision.

Alex said:

 “The Bill provides a unique opportunity to highlight this issue and I’m proud to be backing it. The Bill benefits many young people particularly those in Stockton North in achieving their potential after leaving school.

Allowing providers’ access into schools will give young people different routes into their career choice.”