Reaction to the terrible events at Westminster yesterday

“I’d like to thank everybody who has contacted me and my office. I was in the Chamber at the time of the incidents, and was held there with my fellow MPs whilst police and security carried out their duties to make sure that everybody was safe and that there was no further threat.

“My thoughts go out to those who lost their lives yesterday and their loved ones, and also those who were wounded. PC Keith Palmer was killed whilst on duty, protecting Parliament and those within in.

“This morning I was in the Chamber for the minute of silence, and later I will be attending another event in London before returning to Stockton this afternoon. It is important that we continue with our plans to show that we will always rebuild and we will carry on.

“The police and security services put themselves in danger on a daily basis, and it is to their credit that they were able to prevent further deaths yesterday after a person managed to get access to the Parliamentary estate. They work incredibly hard, and today they will be mourning a colleague and the loss of life on Westminster Bridge, whilst also carrying out their jobs to keep the rest of us safe.

“Yesterday will be a day that I will never forget, nor will I forget those that lost their lives.”