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Alex kicks off this Parliament with probe on Tobacco Control Plan

The Government have failed yet again, according to Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham, for having not yet published the Tobacco Control Plan which will set out the strategy to tackle smoking and the issues surrounding it.

This morning, Alex submitted his first Parliamentary Question of the year to question when the Tobacco Control Plan will be published. This subject has been a key focus for Alex over the previous 18 months, with the Government continuously delaying the publication and refusing to give a clear answer as to when it will be published.

Commenting on his question, Alex said:

“It is very welcome that smoking rates are reducing, even in the North East where it is the worst in the country, but the levels still aren’t low enough. More needs to be done, and this Tobacco Control Plan is needed now so we know the Government’s plans on how they are going to do reduce it further and improve people’s health.

“We need much more mass media advertising, innovative campaigns, and inclusive strategy which incorporate a number of agencies in the community that work together to reduce deaths and disease.

“During my re-election campaign, I promised to keep pressure on the government on health issues, and I have no intention of letting the Government off the hook on this critical matter.”


For more information please contact Alex Cunningham on 01642 345291