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Alex raises issue of dangerous cladding in Billingham

The people responsible for providing and installing sub-standard, flammable and toxic material for high rise buildings on Teesside should be prosecuted according to Labour MP for Stockton North, Alex Cunningham.

He raised the issue during a Ministerial Statement on Grenfell Tower and following discussions he had with the chief executive of the Thirteen Group Housing Association.

The Kennedy Garden flats in Billingham have been identified as having ‘combustible’ cladding and work to begin removing the cladding began this morning – which was not found to be of the standard ordered and paid for.

Speaking in the chamber earlier today, Alex Cunningham said:

“Thirteen Group own most of the social housing across Teesside. They paid for fire-retardant, non-toxic cladding for the balconies in Kennedy Gardens in Billingham in my constituency.

“They ended up with flammable toxic material now being removed. One thing paid for, and another dangerous alternative provided.

“Does the Minister agree that frauds like these ought to be investigated, and those responsible prosecuted?”

Responding for the Government, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Sajid Javid said:

“I agree 100%.”

Speaking after the statement, the Stockton North MP said that he would continue to fight for Stockton North residents and that he will insist that any person or organisation that has committed fraud and put innocent people in danger face the full force of the law.


For more information please contact Alex Cunningham on 01642 345291.