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Alex probes Government on safe drinking water in Gaza

The Government are not doing enough to ensure that the people in Gaza have sufficient access to clean water, said Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham today after he raised a question to the Secretary of State for International Development.

During the session on questions to the Secretary of State for International Development, Alex Cunningham MP said:

“With 95% of its drinking water now unsafe to drink, Gaza is fast approaching the point of becoming uninhabitable, as predicted by the United Nations. What are the Government doing to ensure that we do not reach that point and to push the EU plans to fund a desalination plant there?”

Responding for the Government was Alistair Burt MP, Minister of State for the Department for International Development, who said:

“According to the UN Office for the Co-Ordination of Humanitarian Affairs, most homes in Gaza are getting water for only a few hours every three to five days. The availability of safe drinking water has become worse. The UK is urging all parties to find a sustainable solution to the current situation, and in the longer term continues to urge the Israeli authorities to ensure fair distribution of water across the Occupied Palestinian Territories.”

Speaking after the session, Alex said:

“I’m disappointed with the Government’s reply, they acknowledge the plight of the people in Gaza but seem to think more of the same urging and talking will help.  It won’t.  Europe and the rest of the world need to come together urgently to resolve this and Britain could be taking a lead, not just hope that the problem will go away or resolve itself.”


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