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Alex speaks out against funding challenges for North East hospital plans

There will be no government cash to help fund changes to the way hospitals deliver in the Tees Valley according to a statement sneaked out by the Health Minister on the last day on Commons business before MPs spent the summer in their constituencies.

Plans to close an Accident and Emergency department at North Tees or Darlington Memorial Hospital were all but confirmed in a letter to Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham earlier this month – but last week’s statement offers no cash to deliver those plans. It is these same plans which are opposed by the public, politicians and clinical staff.

Areas that will receive this additional capital funding include Greater Manchester and North East London, whilst the Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) for other areas, such as that covered by North Tees and Darlington Memorial, are left out.

Speaking on the record, Alex Cunningham MP said:

“We must continue to fight plans to close either of the Accident and Emergency units but unless the Government have decided to drop their proposals, it is worrying that no funding has been identified in this latest Government announcement.

“Ministers have tried to hide the statement by slipping it out as MPs return to their constituencies but they are not getting away with it.

“We need a clear statement from the Government about their intentions for services in the Tees Valley and what resources will be available to deliver the changes that go ahead.”


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