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Alex continues the fight in closing a dangerous loophole in taxi licensing

Alex Cunningham MP continues to apply pressure on the Department for Transport to create new regulations that would cease the continued abuse of a taxi licensing loophole.

For some time those who had their taxi licence revoked or application for one rejected, due to a present or previous conviction — attempted murder, rape, drug offenders, and others — could continue operating a taxi by simply obtaining a PCV licence through the DVLA.

It is important that the DVLA moves away from a self-declaratory system for convictions, and aligns with local authorities’ processing of applications that require mandatory checks for such information.

This issue has been led by Stockton Borough Council alongside Alex who have made vital contributions which otherwise would have allowed the Department of Transport to continue to allow the risk of public safety.

Commenting on the importance of closing this loophole, Alex said:

“It’s incredibly important that the new Minister does not delay in taking much-needed action on this.

“We’ve had instances where men have had their taxi licences revoked due to inappropriate behaviour with young girls — stealing their contact details from company records and harassing them. And yet they’ve been able to continue to drive a taxi, sometimes for the very same company they were discharged from by simply obtaining a PCV licence.

“Many vulnerable people are at considerable risk and something must be done immediately.

“It’s about time the government got to grips with this. Let’s not delay — let’s not wait for a terrible, avoidable crime to be committed to rid this horrendous loophole.”


For further information, please contact Alex’s office on 020 7219 7157