You are currently viewing Flood RE looks for Local Heroes as Alex Visits Local Flood Defences

Flood RE looks for Local Heroes as Alex Visits Local Flood Defences

Flood Re is seeking nominations for their competition to find individuals and communities who have made a real difference in local flood preparedness or in taking action to help friends and neighbors during a flood.

With a prize of a £10,000 donation towards their local community flood preparedness efforts Flood Re is seeking to reward those who have helped to limit the devastating effects of flooding. More information about the competition and how to nominate a person or local community can be found at:

Alex has recently been shown around local efforts in Stockton to better prepare for and prevent flooding in the town. The replaced Londonderry Bridge will reduce the risk to over 150 homes and businesses. This risk of flooding is ever present and requires constant re-evaluation of the risk to people, local communities and the local economy.

Commenting on the competition, Alex said:

“This is a fantastic opportunity for local communities to share their appreciation for the work of individuals or local flood action groups for the exceptional work they may have done during a flood or in the preparation of flood defences. Having visited the replaced Londonderry Bridge in Stockton I have seen the constantly renewed effort to protect homes, businesses and lives from flooding.

“Flooding is a problem which is likely to only get worse, we owe a great debt to those who are constantly finding new ways to protect us from its devastating effects.”


For further information, please contact Alex’s office on 020 7219 7157