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So does that mean the A19 road improvements are going ahead?

Another wishy washy letter from the Department of Transport about the on/off project to widen the A19 and resurface the noisy road fails to guarantee that it is going ahead.

The letter from the Transport Minister looks positive – expressing, as it does, their enthusiasm towards the planned works on the A19 expected to go ahead in 2020 – but yet again the government have failed to confirm outright that it is definitely going ahead.

The Road Investment Strategy is a long-term programme to improve the quality of the roads, and one of the actions within the strategy is to widen the A19 Norton to Wynyard Billingham bypass to three lanes between the A139 and the A689, and replace the existing concrete surfacing with a low-noise surface.

Concerned that the government’s review of transport infrastructure plans would put the A19 project at risk, Alex has been continuously probing the Department for Transport to seek a guarantee that the long delayed and much promised scheme would go ahead.

Commenting on the letter, Alex said:

“I’m pleased that the Minister is making positive noises about this scheme and it appears to be going ahead, but he – like his predecessors – is still failing to provide the final confirmation. Instead the Government are replying on specific language referring to how it must demonstrate value for money.

“This only serves to create doubt in the minds of local people. We need an answer. No more delaying. No ifs, no buts, just a final confirmation.”


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