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Alex welcomes decision to reject planning permission for Thorpe Thewles houses

Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham has welcomed the decision of the Stockton Borough Council planning committee who have decided not to give planning permission for up to 40 dwellings to be built on the land north of Thorpe Thewles between Durham Road and the A177

Stockton Council had received 38 letters of objection, along with a 155 signature petition objecting to the development. Alex Cunningham MP had written a letter of objection, as well as the Parish Council and the Ward Councillor.

In his letter of objection, Mr Cunningham wrote:

“The village is already facing immense challenges following the recent decision to allow 24 new properties and to allow the development of another 40 would be a step too far. It is also my fear that to grant planning permission will lead to more applications throughout the villages in the area with the subsequent substantial increase in demand for services which currently do not exist.

There is an infrequent bus service if at all, few shops, limited access to GPs and no school provision. Road safety is also a major factor as the village roads were not built for the level of activity that they have now.”

Upon hearing about the decision of the planning committee, Alex commented:

“I was pleased to back local people in fighting this and am delighted the Planning Committee have decided to reject this development. I strongly believe that the infrastructure is not there to be able to support further housing – the area is already in need of increased services and provisions without more homes and people living there.

“We have got to protect our villages from overdevelopment.  It’s just two years since the Council said the Thorpe Thewles was an unsustainable village and to add even more houses to the area would have put extra strain on the very limited services there.”


For further information, please contact Alex’s office on 020 7219 7157