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Noise from the A19 – what noise?

Residents in Billingham plagued by noise from the A19 will see an end to their misery when the road widening project, due to start in 2020, is completed.

Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham met officials from the Highways Agency in Westminster earlier today and was told he could definitely give them that reassurance.

Sadly the officials said that despite some claims to the contrary, there was no guarantee that the project would be brought forward a year and a considerable amount of work has yet to be undertaken.

Speaking on the issue, Alex said:

“I know there had been some speculation locally that the project may not need a Development Consent Order and could be brought forward – but sadly such speculation is premature.  Until the Agency has completed its assessment of noise and other environmental factors, they won’t know if the Order is needed or not.

“The good news is that the project is on schedule to start in March 2020 – albeit many years after the original date.  Had the project not originally been axed by the Tory/LibDem Government in 2010, it would have been completed around now.

“My only concern is that in his letters to me the Minister keeps saying the project still has to pass a value for money test – but hopefully after years of prevaricating, he won’t delay it any further.”

Alex also discussed the plans for a new crossing over the River Tees and has been told he can expect a specific brief soon.


For further information, please contact Alex’s office on 020 7219 7157