Alex welcomes progress on Flood Alleviation scheme

Stockton North MP, Alex Cunningham, has welcomed the news that the Environment Agency’s multi-million pound Port Clarence and Greatham South Flood Alleviation Scheme continues to progress smoothly.

The works, which includes raising and realigning the existing flood embankments, and installing reinforced concrete piling to protect the culverts passing through the embankment, has seen 200,000 tonnes of clay removed to date. The environmental impact of the construction work is being monitored, with ecologists regularly visiting the site. These visits will continue until completion of the work next year.

Although the construction will cease temporarily due to the sensitive nature of the area in November, the site will reopen in March 2018 and the Environment Agency are confident of an Autumn 2018 completion.

Alex said:

I’m pleased that this work continues to be progressing at a good pace, and look forward to its completion next year. While it is vital that we are protected from flooding, it’s also important that we  look after our local wildlife, and I’m glad to see that the Environment Agency is taking positive steps to do just that.