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Defending local libraries – UNISON’s day of action

Stockton North MP, Alex Cunningham, has joined with UNISON in its campaign to protect local library services.

On 19 October, as part of the Save Our Local Services (SOS) campaign, a national day of action in defence of libraries was held by UNISON. With 478 library closures since 2010, the SOS campaign will highlight social good libraries have, as well as call for the Government to review its funding allocation, and ensure libraries are properly resourced for the future.

Alex said:

The Conservative Government, and the Coalition before it, has cut our public services to the bone, and libraries – among many other services – have suffered as a result. Library services have a huge public value, and have an educative and community-building role. This is a vital service and I’m delighted add my voice in support for UNISON’s day of action.”

The SOS campaign is calling for:

  • A review on Government allocation of funding for local services, so that it meets the needs of local communities
  • An enforcement of the of the law for local authorities to provide a “comprehensive and efficient” library service
  • A real living wage and equal pay for all local government workers
  • Councils to ring fence library funding and stop outsourcing to volunteer groups and private companies
  • An adequate level of resources and paid library professionals, and a reduction in the over-reliance of volunteers