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Alex responds to Tory Budget


In response to today’s Budget, Stockton North MP, Alex Cunningham, said:

This is the seventh budget I’ve witnessed as the Member for Stockton North, and for the seventh time I came away frustrated and angry that the Conservatives just don’t understand the realities of modern Britain.

This is a very worrying time for our country and economy – even without the traumas of Brexit.  Growth forecast is down, productivity down, business investment down and inflation up.  Apart from changes to tax allowances – there’s nothing for struggling families, no extra cash for public sector workers and not a word from the Chancellor about the social care crisis in our country.

Record numbers using foodbanks, people waiting months to receive support, the NHS starting to crumble under the pressure – this is not a Britain I want to see, but it is the Britain that the Conservatives are giving us.

The Government must change course and build an economy for the many not the few. End the public sector pay cap, introduce further controls on high-interest, bring forward investment in infrastructure, reverse planned tax giveaways for the super-rich, and reject a deregulated ‘no deal’ race to the bottom Brexit.