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Alex calls on the Courts and Government to back victims of crime

Stockton North MP, Alex Cunningham, has called for the Government and the courts to back local communities following a wave of burglaries in Norton.

The call comes after six burglaries of businesses and charities on or around Norton High Street in a number of days. Local businesses such as Neanderthals Deli, House of Ford and Café Maison, the Butterwick Hospice and Daisy Chain charities have all been targeted.

Responding to the burglaries, Alex said:

These are despicable acts that have a huge consequence on local business owners and charities, and I hope the perpetrators are brought to justice quickly. However it’s also clear that Cleveland Police can only do so much. Charging alleged criminals is one thing, but unless our courts keep them locked up until trial then they are free to re-offend while on bail.

It’s not just the Courts that need to take appropriate action but the Government needs to do more to back local communities and our police. That means properly funding Cleveland Police – not passing the buck to police and crime commissioners forcing them to hike local tax charges to try and fill the gap.

These crimes follow a spate of anti-social behaviour across Stockton North – in Roseworth, Billingham, Portrack and Newham Grange which resulted in Alex meeting with Police and Crime Commissioner Barry Coppinger and senior police officers. At that meeting, Alex made the call for more visible policing in communities and for Cleveland Police to receive proper funding from central Government, something he has also raised in Parliament.