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Alex Cunningham’s 2017 Review

2017 has been a busy year in Westminster and Stockton North, and I’m pleased to report back to you on some of things I’ve been up to as your Member of Parliament.

My principal concern has been for the people I represent, for their jobs, their rights and their environment as the Government tries to negotiate a deal with the EU which we are due to leave in 2019.  It really worries me that it is areas like Teesside that will suffer most if we leave without a proper trade deal to protect our people’s interests.

Brexit is still dominating Parliament and the Labour Party is continuing to hold the Government to account. While it’s important the view of the people is respected, it’s also vital we get a good deal for the UK—one in the best interests of our people and economy.

The Tories thought they could do what they liked and called June’s election only to lose seats and now depend on the Irish Unionists to prop up the Government – for the princely sum of £1bn! Not strong and stable but weak and wobbly Government.

Thank you for re-electing me to represent our area for a third time. I’ve lived in Stockton for 40 years and I’m as proud to represent it now as I was when first elected in 2010.

This year I’ve been working on bringing Carbon Capture and Storage to Teesside, fighting for our local A&E services, lambasting the government on Universal Credit and poor public sector pay, and many more issues that matter to you – as well as serving as Shadow Pensions Minister.

Next year, I’ll be continuing to represent you to the best of my abilities, fighting for you and your interests as our country goes through one of the most difficult periods in its history.

Happy Christmas—and all the best for 2018.