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Alex calls for a clamp-down on rogue parking companies

Stockton North MP, Alex Cunningham, is backing a bill to clamp-down on rogue parking companies.

 The Parking (Code of Practice) Bill, is seeking to implement a standard code of practice for privately-owned car parks; including a single appeals and complaints procedure, adequate on-site signage for users, and an obligation to respond to correspondence.

 Like many MPs, Alex has been approached by many constituents, all who have raised concerns about the working practices of private parking companies, and their aggressive tactics in securing fines and payment. One such case involved a motorist who – while in a queue to leave the car park – was fined for going over the allotted time limit of their ticket. When challenging these cases on behalf of constituents, Alex has had his correspondence to parking companies ignored.

 Alex said:

When using private car parks, motorists are faced with substandard signage, poor ticket machinery, and aggressive demands for fines. I’m also concerned that these companies do not feel it proper to reply to any challenge – whether it be the person fined, a solicitor, or even their Member of Parliament. Where is the accountability if car parking companies can refuse to respond to reasonable requests for information or appeal?

 I say enough is enough. For too long private car parking companies have been allowed to get away with issuing fines and relentlessly pursuing payment, without any accountability or open process of appeal. It’s time for the government to act and clamp-down on these unscrupulous practices.