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Alex calls on Minister to take action to support Energy Intensive Industries

Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham has today called on Claire Perry MP, a Minister within the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, to convince the Treasury that Carbon Capture and Storage could drive major growth for Teesside and wider afield.

Alex has used his platform on a number of occasions previously to push the Government to invest in North East industries, and is now calling on the Government to get the post-EU regulations agreed and take action on the carbon taxes that put our energy intensive industries at a disadvantage.

The Energy Minister, Claire Perry, is visiting Teesside today to learn more about the energy intensive industries and the leading Tees Collective carbon capture project.

She will meet with the Combined Authority in Stockton and later visit the South Tees Development Corporation site.

Speaking ahead of the Minister’s visit, Alex said:

“I’m pleased that the Minister is coming to Teesside to learn more about energy intensive industry, and I hope that she leaves fully informed and aware of the need for investment to drive major growth in the area.

“As Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Groups on Carbon Capture and Storage and Energy Intensive Industries, I have been working and lobbying endlessly for the Government to take seriously the need for industry growth in the area, and I hope that this is the start of concentrated efforts to invest in Teesside.

”What we need from her is a commitment to persuade the Treasury that they need to back our Carbon Capture project something I believe she supports; deliver the right regulatory environment around carbon taxes after we leave the EU; and ensure the Government adopts the REACH regulations which are common across Europe and will enable our chemical industries on Teesside and beyond to trade successfully.”