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Alex champions Teesside for Carbon Capture strategy

Teesside has the potential for a large-scale, carbon capture-ready power station which could add huge value to any project in the area, argued Alex Cunningham MP today in the House of Commons.

Participating in a debate on Industrial Strategy, the Stockton North MP highlighted Teesside as an ideal location for investment into carbon capture and storage (CCS), as Teesside’s concentration of industrial emitters and proximity to potential storage sites under the North Seat means the area is industrially and geographically suited to be the starting place for large-scale industrial decarbonisation in the UK.

The Government published their Clean Growth Strategy in October last year which includes the intention to develop a new approach to CCS with the ambition of deploying it at scale during the 2030s, although this is a key challenge by Alex Cunningham who argues that the Government needs to be doing more now, not in several decades time, or we risk falling behind other countries.

Speaking during the debate, Alex said:

“I am proud to represent a Teesside constituency and it is deeply frustrating for me to see the potential we have to be a key CCS site whilst the Government talks a good talk but appears slow to take real action. 

“The Teesside Collective are based in my area, and one of their key project is decarbonisation. The Collective is industry-led, they know what they are talking about and know what they can achieve given the right environment. 

“Our industries need to know the Government is on their side, that they are prepared to work in partnership and share the financial risk as CCS is developed.”

Alex is also the Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Carbon Capture and Storage and frequently promotes the case for CCS in Parliament.


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