You are currently viewing ‘Stark’ challenges facing children in the North need addressing, says Alex Cunningham MP

‘Stark’ challenges facing children in the North need addressing, says Alex Cunningham MP

Stockton North MP, Alex Cunningham, has welcomed the Children’s Commissioner’s latest report ‘Growing Up North’, and called upon the government to address its ‘stark’ conclusions.

The report, which has been released this week, lays out in detail the challenges facing children growing up in the North, and shows that unless significant steps are taken at national and local levels, the gap between those children and children in London, will continue to grow. In the report, Anne Longford, the Children’s Commissioner for England, has set out a series of recommendations to support disadvantaged children, including:

  • Placing the future prospects and outcomes of children at the heart of the Northern Powerhouse vision;
  • Putting significant investment into educational services, and providing extra support through children’s centres;
  • Improving leadership and governance in schools and reforming the Regional Schools Commissioner role;
  • Prioritising arts and culture funding for children with disadvantaged backgrounds.

Alex said

I very much welcome this latest report from the Children’s Commissioner. While the conclusions are stark, Anne Longford sets out a positive way forward for us to address the needs of children in the North who are growing up  disadvantaged.

“It is critical that these conclusions are addressed, and it is clear that significant investment is needed to ensure every child is given the best start in life. The Government needs to take on board these findings, and provide the funding and support needed to make sure this happens.