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Alex adds support to Nature Recovery Network

Today Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham attended an event hosted by The Wildlife Trusts to show his support for the creation of a Nature Recovery Network.  A well-designed network of places for nature which links ups green spaces and protected areas in our towns, cities and countryside would have positive benefits for both people and our wildlife.

Research across the globe shows that a healthy, wildlife-rich natural world is essential for our wellbeing and prosperity.  But wildlife has been getting less and less common, on land and at sea, for decades. Wild places are more scarce, smaller and more isolated. There is also less nature and greenery in the places where we live and work. And not everyone has equal access to nature or the health benefits that research shows this brings.

To address these problems we need a new national effort to protect important places for wildlife, link up green spaces across our towns, cities and countryside and build nature into our daily lives.  Today, The Wildlife Trusts launched a new report Towards a wilder Britain – creating a Nature Recovery Network showing how this can be achieved. The idea of a Nature Recovery Network is set out in official plans for the environment over the next 25 Years and now needs to be progressed as a matter of urgency. With rules on planning and farming currently under review now is a key to time to take the necessary steps to build such a network.

Speaking at the event, Alex said:

“I’m proud to support a Nature Recovery Network. We all enjoy being in wild places and we know that spending time in nature can make us happier and healthier. I support The Wildlife Trusts’ vision where contact with wildlife is part of our everyday lives and local communities can enjoy the benefits of an improved natural environment.”

Stephanie Hilborne OBE, Chief Executive, The Wildlife Trusts, says:

“Nature is valuable for its own sake and is the foundation of our society and of our economy. Yet our wildlife has declined over the years and urgently needs our support in order to recover.   By building a Nature Recovery Network, supported by wildlife-friendly farming and planning policies, we will guarantee future generations the benefits that a nature-rich environment brings and they deserve.”

You can read a copy of Towards a wilder Britain – creating a Nature Recovery Network here.


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