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Alex calls for refugee children to be welcomed in the UK

Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham has signed an Early Day Motion (EDM) recognising the global child refugee crisis and calling on the Government to ensure refugee children continue to be welcomed in the UK.

The EDM celebrates the 20th anniversary of Refugee Week and its role in reminding us that we have far more in common than that which divides us. More than 60 MPs have so far put their names to the motion alongside Alex.

It also urges other MPs to join with NGOs like SOS Children’s Villages UK, Amnesty International and the Refugee Council to celebrate Refugee Week in their own constituencies.

Alex Cunningham MP said:

“I am proud to support Refugee Week and lend my voice to calls to ensure that children who have escaped war and disaster continue to be offered sanctuary here in the UK.

“The refugee crisis has uprooted almost fifty million children from their homes and left them extremely vulnerable to exploitation, abuse and trafficking. We have an opportunity to offer them safety, and the hope of a fresh start.”

Children now account for half of the world’s refugees. Many are travelling the world’s key migrant routes in search of a safe haven, where they will be exposed to extreme risks. At least 300,000 of them are facing these dangers alone, having lost or been separated from their parents.

Alison Wallace, CEO of SOS Children’s Villages UK added: “We would like to thank Alex Cunningham for showing his support for children who have been forced to flee their homes in search of a safe haven.

“All too often child refugees, many of whom have been traumatised by violence, upheaval and bereavement, are treated with suspicion and prejudice as they search for a safe place to call home. This Refugee Week we want to show them they are welcome here and acknowledge their courage.”

This year Refugee Week runs from 18-24 June. SOS Children’s Villages UK, the world’s largest charity working with unsupported children, will be marking it by hosting events around the country where people can show their support for child refugees, including a Walk a Mile march through Cambridge (June 23). The walk will culminate in a ‘Great Get Together’ in memory of Jo Cox MP, a champion of refugee rights.



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