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Alex joins Tees Wheelyboats for a spin on the Tees

Stockton North MP, Alex Cunningham, joined volunteers from Tees Wheelyboats on Saturday 23 June, to highlight the work they do – and go for a spin on the River Tees.

Tees Wheelyboats, founded by Alan Kallagher and Tony Campbell in 2009, provides trips on the Tees to members of the public with disabilities – and is open to groups and individuals. Alan and Tony were introduced to Wheelyboats in 2009, and borrowed one from the Wheelyboat Trust for the 2009 and 2010 Take to the Tees event. Afterwards, they fundraised for their own Wheelyboat to make the River Tees accessible for wheelchair users and others with disabilities.

With its flat deck and drop-down bow door, the Wheelyboat is ideal for wheelchair users and the flexible seating arrangement can be adapted to suit individual needs and purposes. The Wheelyboat has open sides to provide for all senses – the wind in the face, the gentle motion of the boat, the sights and sounds to be found whilst on the water.

Tees Wheelyboats founder, Tony Campbell said:

All our volunteers enjoy being on the Tees and give their time to enable others to do the same. We don’t have a strict timetable, we take the boat out on the days and times that suit of our guests

Alex said:

I was delighted to spend time with volunteers from the Tees Wheelyboats Club, and see first-hand the great work they do in making sure the River Tees can be enjoyed by everyone – regardless of their personal circumstances.

I always find being on the river is somehow liberating and I am sure that will be the same for disabled people who thanks toTees Wheelyboats can experience it for themselves.

Tees Wheelyboats relies on donations and volunteers. If you want to take a trip, get involved, or help out, contact the Club on Telephone 07748908646