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People’s Vote backed by majority in Stockton North, Alex’s survey shows

A People’s Vote on the terms of the Government’s Brexit deal gets the backing of Stockton North residents – the results of Alex Cunningham’s Survey show.

The survey, which was available for constituents to fill in online, have shown that 52.2% of respondents support some form of public vote on whatever Brexit deal Theresa May brings back from Brussels – 33.9% were against. This follows the announcement from Labour’s Shadow Brexit Secretary, Sir Keir Starmer, that failing a General Election, the Labour Party will campaign for the British public to have the final say on any deal.

While a majority of respondents supported a People’s Vote, respondents were against a second referendum on whether to remain within the EU – with 51.8% against and 42.8 in favour.

Alex said:

This survey was all about equipping me with a fresh understanding of the issues that matter to the people of Stockton North. I’m grateful to everybody who took the time to take part in it and would like to thank them for doing so.

It is clear from the findings that a majority of people in Stockton North support the idea of a People’s Vote on the terms of any Brexit deal and, failing a General Election turn out this failing Tory Government, that is what I and the Labour Party will be calling for. This isn’t about overturning the 2016 Referendum result – it is clear the people of Stockton North still favour Brexit – but about ensuring the British public get a say on any final deal.

Any deal will have a huge impact on people’s living standards, jobs, and the local economy – and a ‘No Deal’ option would be catastrophic. It is only right that the British public get a say on a deal that will affect them.

The survey launch follows the delivery of Alex’s Annual Report which detailed his work in Stockton North and Parliament in 2017-2018, to 39,000 households across the constituency. A total of 766 responses were received. Other questions focused on issues and government priorities, with the NHS, Brexit and Crime and Police Cuts featuring in the top three for both. The issue of immigration ranked lower in the order.

Alex said:

The survey showed that our NHS, Brexit negotiations, and police funding are at the top of the agenda for the people of Stockton North, and that immigration ranked much lower on the list of priorities. These are the issues I’ll continue to press the Government on – along with so many others – over the next Parliamentary year.