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Alex joins Samaritans in Parliament to support Brew Monday

Stockton North MP, Alex Cunningham joined the Samaritans on to promote their ‘Brew Monday’ initiative and encourage local people to reach out to anyone who might be lonely.

In what’s now an annual fixture for the charity, Samaritans turned ‘Blue Monday’ – often described in the media as ‘the most difficult day of the year’ – on its head by renaming it ‘Brew Monday’ and celebrating that great tradition of getting together for a cup of tea.

Alex Cunningham said,

“Brew Monday is asking people to do something really simple and practical to help others: take time for a cuppa and a chat with anyone who may be going through a tough time.”

“I’m delighted to support Samaritans in this initiative. Let’s make 2019 the year when we all take just a little more time to think about how we can reach out to people who might be struggling in Stockton North.”

25 MPs including event host Liz Twist MP and Suicide Prevention Minister Jackie Doyle-Price MP joined Samaritans in the House of Commons to support the idea of connecting people and creating a domino effect to reduce loneliness, one of main reasons people contact Samaritans.