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Alex supports HeartUnions Week

Alex is pledging to stamp out zero hours contracts as part of HeartUnions week.

The annual campaign, designed to build and grow the trade union movement and promote the benefits of trade union membership, has made ending zero hour contracts the subject of its 2019 campaign.

Current Labour Party policy is to ban these contracts, and guarantee workers a set amount of hours a week.

Alex said

“Over the years Trade Unions have played a huge role in winning key rights for workers, and the recent successes of the movement include winning better pay for McDonald’s employees, and securing the right for Hermes workers to paid holidays. These successes prove that we are stronger when united, and I’d encourage everyone to join a union.

“Unions are also playing a key role in the campaign against zero hours contracts – a campaign I’m pleased to support. Too many people are being denied job security, and are stuck in a cycle of insecure work. We need to tackle this problem head on, and make sure people have secure employment.”

More information on the campaign, or how to join a union, is here