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Alex urges Stockton residents to boost their broadband

Alex Cunningham MP is backing a campaign to help Stockton residents get faster broadband, for the same or less money than they pay now.

Ofcom figures show that 97% of homes and offices in Stockton North can now get superfast broadband. But across the North East, less than half have taken it up and many local residents could be missing out on faster speeds.

Many are paying more than they need to as well. Around four million UK households with old-style, basic broadband have passed their initial contract period and could switch to superfast for the same – or less – money than they currently pay.

The broadband market is highly competitive, with superfast broadband packages now available from around £20 a month.

Customers urged to Boost Your Broadband

To help people get the best broadband deal for them today, Ofcom has launched Boost Your Broadband, an information campaign and website that aims to demystify the broadband market, particularly for people who might be daunted by the choice on offer.

Alex Cunningham MP is urging local residents who want to speed up their broadband and save money in the process to visit the website, follow the advice and find out if they could get more, for less from their broadband.

How it works

By following three simple steps at, broadband users can check their options, decide what they need and get clear, independent advice on how to go about getting the best broadband deal for them. This is how it works:

  1. Enter your postcode to see what type of broadband – standard, superfast or ultrafast – is available at your address. This checker draws on Ofcom’s latest, authoritative information.
  2. Decide what you need – by seeing what kind of broadband user you are.
  3. Speak to your provider – armed with information on what to ask for, and how to get the best deal. Or shop around to see what deals other providers offer.



  1. Superfast broadband offers download speeds of at least 30 Mbit/s.