Alex calls for asylum support overhaul

Stockton North MP, Alex Cunningham, has called form a root and branch review of the way vulnerable asylum seekers are supported in the UK after securing help for a young woman who face the risk of homelessness and trafficking.

Alex raised the woman’s plight at Prime Minister’s Questions last week and called on her “show some compassion” when dealing with asylum cases. The PM referred the young woman’s case to the Home Secretary for a review.

Following this the Home Office agreed to reinstate her support, ensuring that she will not become homeless and at risk of exploitation.

Alex said

While I pleased that the young woman in question has had her support reinstated, it’s was a disgrace that this only occurred after I took drastic action and shamed the Prime Minister to intervene.

The simple fact is, is that the system is wrong. It is inhumane and it lets vulnerable people down time and time again – putting them at risk of trafficking and exploitation. The system doesn’t just need reforming it needs to be started again. It needs to put people, not statistics, at its heart.