You are currently viewing Multiple Sclerosis research at “turning point”, as Alex calls for further investment

Multiple Sclerosis research at “turning point”, as Alex calls for further investment

Alex at the MS Exhibition, Multiple Sclerosis – The Research Story

Stockton North MP, Alex Cunningham, has hailed the recent research by the MS Society as a “turning point” in the battle against MS at the launch of the Society’s exhibition, “Multiple Sclerosis – The Research Story”.

The exhibition gave parliamentarians the opportunity to hear from people living with MS and leading MS researchers around the UK. It featured personal objects from the MS community, representing what it’s like to live with the condition, alongside the latest developments in cutting-edge research. One of the personal objects included was the 1970’s putter golfer Tony Johnstone used to win the Jersey Seniors Classic in 2008. After being diagnosed with MS in 1994, the sporting hero was told he’d never compete professionally again but advances in research have enabled him to extend his career for another decade.

Alex also called for the levels of investment in MS research to be raised.

Alex said

I was delighted to attend the MS Society’s exhibition, and see how close we are to a turning point in stopping MS altogether.   MS is an unpredictable and challenging condition and I want this exhibition to start a conversation that will see investment in this area of research raised, so that everyone living with MS in Stockton North and the country has access to effective treatment.

Dr Susan Kohlhaas, Director of Research at the MS Society, said  

More than 100,000 people live with MS in the UK and many are still left without treatment options that slow or stop progression. We are closer than ever before to having treatments for everyone with MS, and stopping MS for good. “This exhibition shined a light on the realities of living with MS and, importantly, how we plan to stop it. We hope the stories of people living with MS will encourage parliamentarians to recognise the need for more investment in MS research, get involved, and join us in our fight to stop MS.