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Alex calls for action on the “Costly Diagnosis” of cancer

With a reported 4 out of 5 people £570 worse off a week following a cancer diagnosis, and travel insurance premiums as high as £10,000, Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham is calling on the Government to tackle the negative financial impact of cancer.

His call follows a report from cancer support charity, Macmillan, Cancer – A Costly Diagnosis, which was launched last week. The report focused on people’s individual experiences of the financial impact of cancer. It looked at three specific areas; the implementation of Universal Credit, the support from banks and building societies to people living with cancer, and the cost of travel insurance.

Alex is supporting Macmillan in their campaign to ensure financial providers act in the best interest of their providers; for the insurance industry to provide affordable and appropriate cover for people with a cancer diagnosis, and for the Government to make it easier for charities such as Macmillan to support people living with cancer as thy go through the Universal Credit application process.

Alex said

The report from Macmillan makes it clear that the financial impact of cancer can push someone from relative security to one of financial distress in a short space of time. 

Living with cancer is hard enough without having to face extra money worries. That’s why I’m backing Macmillan’s call for the Government to take decisive action on Universal Credit, banking and travel insurance.