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Alex calls for action on Stillington community concerns

Speeding cars, pedestrian safety, and road conditions were at the top of the agenda when Stockton North MP, Alex Cunningham met with Stillington parish councillors.

Drivers speeding as they enter the village and the lack of proper pavements around the new Greenfield View/Victoria Gardens development – forcing pedestrians onto the road – were the main concerns of the parish councillors. Other issues included the condition of Redmarshall Street, where no fewer than 40 potholes were counted, and questions about potential development sites in the village.

Now Alex has contacted Stockton Borough Council asking for the Council to look at how it can tackle the issues raised by the local community.

Alex said

Residents of Stillington village are rightly concerned the danger posed by cars speeding as they enter the village and, while the Council has extended the 30mph zone, this could also be partly solved by the re-siting of speed signage further out of the village. 

I’m also pleased that, following my intervention, the Council has agreed to carry out remedial work to Redmarshall Street – and that the road will be considered for future resurfacing works.

As with the need for good quality public transport links, I’ll continue to press the Council to ensure the villages in west Stockton have the proper infrastructure in place to ensure the village can sustain the development around them – and keeps local people safe.