Alex criticises 69% rise in children living in temporary accommodation

Government homelessness statistics released today show there are now 126,000 children living in temporary accommodation – a 69% rise from 2010.

There is also an increase in the number of households being identified as threatened by homelessness or identified as homeless. Since the last quarter report, there has been an 11.2% increase in households initially identified as being homeless – now standing at 32,740.

Stockton North MP, Alex Cunningham, who also serves as the Shadow Housing Minister, responded to the figures

The number of children living in temporary accommodation shames this Government, and this country.

A huge number of children are without a home to call their own, which impacts on other aspects of their life. From education to their wellbeing, the lack of a stable roof over their heads can negatively affect their development.

This Government is failing on addressing the housing crisis, and prorogation means the Tories have shut down Parliament and it is more difficult to hold them to account. But Labour will continue to offer a positive alternative for housing in this country, with affordable housing at the forefront of our vision.