Alex seeks clarification on ATM services as Virgin Money announces High Street branch closure

A decision by Virgin Money to close its Stockton High Street presence has been criticised by Stockton North MP, Alex Cunningham – who is seeking clarification on the future of its free ATM service.

Virgin Money has announced that the branch will close on 8 July 2020, informing Alex that the company is “consolidating and simplifying” its offer within the existing Yorkshire Bank branch on the High Street. The closure will result in an empty lot on the high street and the loss of a free cash machine.

Alex is seeking clarification on whether the cash machine will be replaced, arguing that promises by Yorkshire Bank to replace its Norton ATM after closing its branch there ultimately came to nothing.

Alex said:

It is deeply disappointing that Virgin Money are choosing to leave their high street location, leaving another lot empty.

The closure of this service will result in the loss of one free cash machine. Reports have shown that while a cashless society can have great benefits, 17 per cent of the population struggle without access to cash. I hope Virgin will confirm that they will be looking to replace this ATM in another location.