Radioactive waste plans not in local interest, says Alex

Proposals to dump low-level radioactive waste at Port Clarence landfill is not in the community’s best interests, says Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham in his letter of objection to the Environment Agency.

Responding to the consultation – which was extended to 31 January following representations from the Stockton North MP – Alex wrote that he was “extremely concerned” that the granting of this permit could open the door to other applications. Alex highlighted previous attempts to dump radioactive waste in the former anhydrite mine which stretches under thousands of homes in Billingham.

The risks to the local community, concerns over the proximity of mounds of waste to flowing water, and potential dangers to the environment and wildlife, are also listed as reasons for Alex’s opposition.

Alex said:

I was grateful for the time given to me by Augean plc and Environment Agency officials to discuss these proposals, and pleased that the Environment Agency agreed with the consultation extension to give more time for local people to comment.

Nevertheless, I am not convinced the proposal is in the best interests of my constituents, many of whom are personally opposed to it.  I support them in their opposition. Teesside is again being targeted as a dumping ground, not only for waste from the immediate area but from further afield and potentially abroad too. This is not appropriate and it is why I’m opposing this application.

I hope the Environment Agency acknowledge the local concerns and dismiss this application.