Alex supports campaign for everyone to continue donating blood as usual.

The NHS needs everyone to keep donating blood as usual. NHS Blood and Transplant have had many enquiries on whether sessions are still running and travelling to these sessions is classed as essential travel under Government guidelines. Everyone who arrives at a donation session is now triaged by trained staff to ensure they are well enough to be around other donors and NHSBT have introduced even stricter cleaning procedures.

Donations have dropped in recent weeks, though stock levels are currently good because hospitals are cancelling routine operations. As routine medical care starts up again, NHSBT need people to keep donating to make sure we can keep supplying the blood hospitals need in the coming weeks and months. They are urging everyone to keep their existing appointments or sign up to one if able.

Available appointments and where to donate can be found on and regular donors will be written to by the NHSBT inviting them along to a session.

Alex said:

“Our NHS needs us to keep donating as usual. If you’re able to, please keep your donation appointment.

“Traveling to donate blood is categorised by the Government as essential travel, listed under the category of medical need and helping vulnerable people. There are extra safety measures in place and only those with no risk factors and no symptoms can enter the donation area. Patients and doctors are relying on donors to be there.

“If you’re fit and healthy, there’s no reason you cannot continue to donate, so please do.”