Alex welcomes funds from the National Lottery Community Fund

Alex Cunningham has welcomed funding for the Friends of Horizons Specialist Academy Trust from the National Lottery Community Fund. The funding will be used by the Trust to provide breakfast food parcels to children and young people with special physical needs. The Trust aims to provide breakfast to those who may otherwise go without due to increasing living costs as a result of Covid-19.

The National Lottery are helping charities and community organisations who are facing challenging times as a result of this pandemic. So far, they have made payments totalling £120 million since lockdown began. They are working together with the Government to support charities with an integrated approach to avoid duplication to ensure funding is going where it is need and where it will have the greatest impact.

For the time being, the focus of their funding is for projects best positioned to maintain services to communities and people hardest hit by Covid-19. The Community Fund has adapted to these challenging times – making their funding more flexible and they have accelerated accessibility as much as possible. As things begin to return to normal, their funding will be available to support with the long-term recovery and rebuilding of our communities.

Alex says:

“I commend the work of the Friends of Horizons Specialist Academy Trust during these difficult times. They are offering a lifeline to some of our most vulnerable children and young people and I’m pleased to see this vital provision funded by the National Lottery Community Fund.

“However, this funding’s requirement shows yet another failing of this Tory government. There is something deeply wrong in society when charities are needed to provide kids with basics such as breakfast.”