Alex welcomes second phase of flood alleviation of Lustrum Beck

The environment agency has confirmed the second phase of the Lustrum Beck flood alleviation has begun. This will reduce the flooding risk to 150 homes in Stockton and is expected to be completed within 8 weeks. This second and final phase comes as a collaboration between Newcastle University, Arup, Tees Rivers Trust and the Environment Agency.

Phase 2 will include creating natural flood management features. This will be three large storage ponds constructed on land owned by the Forestry Commission upstream of Stockton Town Centre. These ponds will then store excess flood water during heavy rain which will gradually drain into Coatham Beck which eventually becomes Lustrum Beck further downstream.

This follows Phase 1 of the flood alleviation plan which was completed in 2017. £3 million was spent on new flood defences and improving existing ones including replacing Londonderry Bridge. Phase 1 also saw a new area of habitat and upstream storage was created at Sixfields, next to Hartburn Beck and Coatham Woods which, as well as contributing to the storage of water, has created a prime environment for wildlife to thrive.

Alex says:

“I have campaigned on this issue since I very first represented this area as a Cleveland County Councillor three decades ago. I welcome these developments from the Environmental Agency and happy to hear there is a relatively quick turn-around of just 8 weeks for these works to be complete.”

“I’m also pleased to see these flood alleviation features will be natural and complimentary to their environments as well as offering places for our local wildlife to thrive.”

“These works will offer a huge sigh of relief to my constituents impacted by the recurring risk of flooding. It’s wonderful to know their homes and possessions will no longer be at risk.”