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Alex backs calls to bring in new ‘Built in Britain’ test for defence spending

Labour accuses Government of ‘selling Britain short’ over vital new naval support ships

Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham has joined Labour’s Shadow Defence team in calling on the Prime Minister to ensure vital new military support ships, worth £1.5 billion, are built in British ship yards.  The Labour Party have accused defence ministers of ‘selling Britain short’ during five years of delay over vital new naval support ships, and are pressing for a new ‘Built in Britain’ test for defence and security spending.

Alex said:

“Covid-19 has exposed a crisis in global supply chains and trade, not just in health. One crucial lesson from the crisis is that industrial resilience and self-sufficiency are an essential part of a nation’s security. We must do more to develop new systems, equipment and technology in Britain, for Britain.

“I am proud to back the petition and ask others to do so, to show the Prime Minister that there is huge public support for this campaign.”

Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary, John Healey MP said:

“For five years, Defence ministers have dithered over this decision when it’s a no-brainer to build these vital new ships in Britain. They are selling Britain short by not putting the work into UK shipyards. No other major military nation has ordered naval support ships from foreign yards.

“What can be built in Britain now, must be built in Britain. And long-term defence and security procurement, must also involve plans to develop the UK’s future capacity to build in Britain. This is one test by which we will judge the Government’s new Integrated Review of defence and security.”