Alex Cunningham MP welcomes Church of England investment in Stockton North.

St Paul’s Church Stockton and a new community church in Wynyard are set to benefit from a share of £4.02million in funding allocated to the Diocese of Durham

Awards totalling £24 million have recently been made to fund work carried out by the Church of England in towns and cities as well as funding social action projects such as support for new parents, community cafes, and food banks.

St Paul’s Stockton will receive a portion of the money and is creating a renewed heart for the community as the area seeks to find its feet again while a new worshipping community will be established in Wynyard Church of England School.  Furthermore, a partnership with Christians Against Poverty and local charities will help tackle issues of poverty locally.

Alex says:

“This funding will go a long way to support communities in my constituency at a time when they need it most. While I welcome this investment into holiday hunger schemes and food banks through the Church, it is a sad reflection of society that they are so desperately needed.

“St Pauls and the school will fully engage with the community around them, offering activities to those of all ages and growing the ‘know your neighbour’ scheme. We’ll also see support for early years kids and investment in the community café facilities.”