Government’s “we need more time” response to question about timeframes leaves Alex “frustrated”

Stockton North MP, Alex Cunningham, has expressed his frustration at the length of time it’s taking to get answers from the Government for his constituents.

Following constituents’ concerns over the Track and Trace scheme – and the time the team takes to provide answers, Alex submitted a Written Parliamentary Question (WPQ) to the Health Secretary on the “adequacy of the time taken to respond to enquiries by hon. Members on behalf of constituents by his contact tracing policy team”.

The Department response was: we need more time to answer that.

Alex said:

“To respond to a question about the length of time responses are taking with a holding response in which they tell me they need more time, is incredibly frustrating.

“It is taking an inordinately long time to get enquiries on behalf of constituents answered by the government’s contact tracing policy team. I know people are busy but constituents are being denied support due to mistakes and delays and need answers quickly.”