Alex calls for wider road safety consultation on The Wynd following a meeting with “Wyndsafety” campaign group

Stockton North MP, Alex Cunningham, has called on Stockton Council to carry out a wider local consultation on road safety following a meeting with local Wynyard residents and the Wyndsafety campaign group.

Alex met with Wyndsafety representatives on Thursday 18 February to discuss the issue of chicanes on The Wynd – which the campaign group have described as “unwarranted” – and see the issue in person.  Wyndsafety have long campaigned against the measures, arguing they are hazardous and in an area with no record of road accidents. The group have also cast doubt on the original consultation, believing it to be too limited a survey.

In a letter to Stockton Council leader, Bob Cook, Alex has asked the council to carry out an extended consultation with the wider community – not just those residents living on The Wynd – and for council representatives to visit the area in person to get a real understanding of the issue.

Alex said:

“Making sure that our roads are safe for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers should always be a priority, and I understand that the Council was keen to act to make sure The Wynd was safe for all users.

“However after meeting the Wyndsafety group and seeing the chicanes for myself I can see that there are real concerns about whether this installation was appropriate and residents are worried their location will actually contribute to an accident.

“Wyndsafety aren’t against road-calming measures, they just want an opportunity to properly discuss the matter and come up with alternatives. I hope the Council will take on board their concerns – carry out a further consultation and look at other solutions to keep The Wynd safe.”